AR-VR • Inspiration White Noise

Explore Anna Landa’s AR project for 2020’s Festival of the Impossible.

Our third annual Festival of the Impossible—an event created to showcase cutting-edge Adobe technology and thought-provoking art pieces—features six projects that push the boundaries of immersive media, created by artists using Adobe Aero. For her festival project, White Noise, Anna Landa examined her life and her creative self, exploring what she could learn about both while heeding California’s shelter-in-place order.

Anna Landa and Her Project

About the Artist

Anna Landa is a multimedia artist whose work explores the subjectivity of human perception, and our tendency to mistake this input for objective truth. Originally from the former Soviet Union, she immigrated to the United States with her family when she was a child, so home and identity have always been subjects of exploration in her artwork. She says that she feels a sense of home wherever she lays her head, and for years now that place has been San Francisco. 

About the Project

Inspired by Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Landa reflects inward in her project, and watches as the world goes by outside her apartment. She digs deep into what makes her strong and uses this new free time to push herself to learn new things.

Get a Glimpse of White Noise

Download the latest version of Aero on iOS, and then click on the button below from a mobile device to view an excerpt of Landa’s AR experience. (Aero works best with a stable WiFi connection; load times may vary.)

How They Made It Possible

Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn about the artists’ creative processes and the tool they used to create their pieces. Adobe Aero is an intuitive way to create immersive interactive experiences and blur the line between the physical and digital worlds—no complex coding required..

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