Design and Layout • Giveaway Free Modern Typography Poster Template

My Name is Wendy shares their custom poster design.

Poster has a black background and rectangle shapes with white border, black or white fill, and modern type for event info
Black oval with a vector drawing of a modern eye inside, the eye has a white background with black lines for the pupil & iris

My Name is Wendy was born from the collaboration of two graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre. Together, they create brand identities, typefaces, illustrations, motion designs, patterns, and typographical compositions.

Use Adobe Illustrator to edit the poster that My Name is Wendy designed, and customize it with new colors and text to deliver your own message.

Need help getting started? Check out these tips on how to add your own twist on their mockup templates.

Edit the Layout

Change the height of the shapes. Select them with the Selection tool and drag the sides. You’ll have to reposition adjacent shapes as you work.

[[ALT TEXT: Selection tool is upper left, poster has black background and rectangle shapes as placeholders, Layers panel has 3 layers

Add Text

Combine custom poster lettering as-is, or build your own words with available letters. You can also use other typefaces to add information. For example, we used Bebas Neue to add event details.  

Type tool upper left, poster has some text – Bebas Neue in 50pt size and leading for event info, vector shape for larger text

Add Colors

Customize your color palette. Open the Adobe Color Themes panel and use the Color Rule to find analogous, complementary, or other custom colors. Then save them to your Libraries or Swatches to re-use them throughout your design. Grab the Selection tool and click shapes or text; then choose colors from your custom palette to recolor your poster!

Poster is now purple and yellow, Adobe Color Themes panel shows complementary colors, Swatches panel shows color palette

Pay the inspiration forward. Share your creations using #adobecreate.

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