To summon the Force, all you need is a friend and a phone with a time-lapse feature to help stabilize the footage.

Post your results on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #theforcechallenge to be featured in the gallery. Who knows, you may even see yourself on Create’s Instagram or Twitter feeds, or on mine!

A note on health and safety: When you involve others in your videos, we recommend it's someone you live with. And please follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines in your area, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

The full tutorial is below.


To skip to a specific part of the how-to video, go to:


0:05 #theforcechallenge intro

0:20 Using time-lapse on your phone

0:33 Time-lapse for iPhone and Android users

0:50 Shooting tips

1:15 Adding a speed ramp with Adobe Premiere Rush

3:33 Color grading with Premiere Rush

4:45 Creative shooting tips

#TheForceChallenge Gallery 

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