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Alycia Rainaud shares her designs for an album cover, poster, and event pass.

Music poster, album cover, and concert pass on a black background, each has a unique multi-color texture design
Headshot of Alycia Rainaud

Alycia Rainaud is a freelance graphic designer and digital artist in Montréal, Canada. Her work is a blend of editorial design, visual experimentation, and psychology, with a highly saturated yet dark aesthetic. 


Use Adobe Photoshop to customize Rainaud’s music-inspired templates with new imagery, type, and colorful effects.

Need help getting started? Check out these tips from Rainaud on how to add your own style to her template designs.

Add Your Own Images

Macro photos of textures, portraits, or even landscape photos all look great in Rainaud’s designs. Open the Artwork layer group in any of the three templates and drag or import a photo into the document. Right-click the new layer and choose Create Clipping Mask. 

Experiment by scaling and rotating new images as you place them to create abstract compositions.

Album cover, title ‘Darla’ displays vertically, black & white image of a woman & the Layers panel with the image highlighted

Choose a New Title

Use the Type tool to change titles and try different fonts. Rainaud used the font Planet Kosmos in her designs. We liked Ethnocentric from Adobe Fonts as an alternative. 

Create unique typographic styles by double-clicking a title layer and experimenting with effects like Bevel & Emboss and Drop Shadow.

Poster design with Type tool icon highlighted, Layers panel shows Bevel & Emboss and Drop Shadow adjustments applied to title

Experiment with Color

Try gradient overlays and adjustment layers to give your images unique looks. Open the Artwork layer group the and play with the blend mode and opacity of the layers.

Use the Properties panel to fine-tune the adjustment layers and gradient overlays even further.

Green, white, and black textured background and the title “Nuisances Records”, Color Retouching applied to art layer

Pay the inspiration forward. Share your creations using #adobecreate.

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