Creativity is within all of us.

Georgina James recalls slipping her first pair of Nike shoes on as a young girl. “Since then I have been hooked on sneakers,” says the British designer, who goes by “George.” That seemingly small moment sent her down a road to design and fashion at a young age that would ultimately lead to her current role as Nike VP/Creative Director of Women’s Footwear in Beaverton, Ore.

George’s job is to inspire a team of world-class sneaker designers to dream up footwear for women of all shapes, sizes and cultures. “There are so many problems we face as a society, creative thinking is going to be the quickest path to meaningful solutions,” she says. “Creativity opens the aperture for change. By definition, it means taking a different approach. We are constantly looking for the uncharted path where things or people have not gone before.”

To ensure that young women see a future in creative industries, George says it’s important for her to “send the elevator back down” and pass along some of the skills she has learned throughout her career. She does this by mentoring designers of all backgrounds, and teaches them that innovation in sneaker design is rooted in a deep understanding of people and culture. “Diversity allows for a breadth of perspectives and experiences to develop thoughtful and original ideas,” she says.

George and her team are pushing the boundaries of product design using the latest technology to break down barriers between women and sport. “Technology takes us beyond what's humanly possible and helps us create what we couldn't otherwise,” she says.


Everyone has a story to tell.

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