Creativity is within all of us.

Jessica Bellamy, a grassroots data storyteller and Adobe Creative Residency alumna, says she believes creativity and design are powerful forces. “Designers can use their talents to make complex information more accessible, counter-map harmful public policies and gradually shift problematic societal views,” she says.

Jessica is a research analyst, community organizer and information designer. She creates static and motion infographics in partnership with grassroots movements. Teaching data storytelling is also part of her community organizing.

“Through infographic design, we can break cycles of misinformation and demonstrate the deep systemic context behind community concerns,” Jessica says.

“Those closest to the problem are best positioned to investigate it and find its solution,” Jessica says. That’s what inspired her to co-found the Root Cause Research Center, an organization where community-led research projects are incubated. 


“By creating more pathways for marginalized folx to speak through design, together, we can shape a better and safer world for all of us,” Jessica writes via email.


Everyone has a story to tell.

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