Join this video challenge to interact with emojis like they're IRL. It's full of creative possibilities—just pick your favorite emojis and start playing.

To make these emojis move, you don’t need any animation knowledge, and you don’t need to use keyframes. Your phone's screen-recording feature will bring your emojis to life, and for fine-tuning you'll use Adobe Premiere Rush.

Post your results on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #playwithemoji to be featured in the gallery. Who knows, you may even see yourself on Create’s Instagram or Twitter feeds, or on mine!


To skip to a specific part of the how-to video, go to:

0:05 What you’ll be making

0:15 Editing flow overview

0:32 Screen recording for iPhone and Android users

0:43 Premiere Rush Editing Tip 1: Resize your clip

0:55 Premiere Rush Editing Tip 2: Editing several clips

1:01 Premiere Rush Editing Tip 3: Adding a speed ramp

The #playwithemoji gallery 

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