CoCreate Adobe MAX

Letʼs make MAX better together.

We’re hiring a creative team to help us bring the first-ever virtual MAX conference to the world. Apply today. 

Adobe MAX has always been made for creatives, by creatives. This year, it could be made by you. 

Illustration by Jordan Moss.

Graphic design

Use all the Adobe tools in your sidebar to design Adobe MAX—using Adobe apps. It may get a little meta. 

Illustration by Wallen Diaz.

Motion Media

Make Adobe MAX move, animate, shake, and glitch transition with your motion skills.

Illustration by Aislinn F.


We need illustrious illustrators to take Adobe MAX from sketch to fully formed.

Illustration by Barry Lee.


If you’ve never fit into a tidy box, we’ve got you. Get creative with your creativity.

CoCreated for MAX

Meet the creatives we commissioned to help us develop our MAX visual identity. 

Wallen Diaz

Wallen Diaz is an artist and art director based in Dominican Republic who focuses his design work on the analysis of organic forms, geometry, op art, and experimental typography.

Michelle D’Urbano


Michelle D’Urbano is a 27-year-old Zambian illustrator and surface pattern designer living and working in Chingola, Zambia.

Kota Yamaji

Kota Yamaji is a Japanese digital artist and motion designer based in Tokyo. Fascinated by computer graphics and video editing, Yamaji creates his own pop and surreal world.

Omar Aqil

Omar Aqil is a freelance 3D illustrator, CGI artist, and art director from Pakistan, working as a freelancer for the past ten years.


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Smeccea is a motion designer whose work often examines abstract ideas, spirituality, and self-discovery; she grounds her work in careful introspection.

Nini Sum

Nini Sum is a mixed-media artist based in Shanghai, China. Her work depicts urban scenery and characters from everyday life in captivating and surreal settings.


All the answers in one place. 

What is Adobe MAX?

Adobe MAX is a free, virtual event featuring live and on-demand content, including sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances and celebrity guest appearances, and a sneak peek at things being worked on in Adobe labs. MAX 2020 will be held October 20–22, 2020.

What is CoCreate Adobe MAX?

Adobe and Laundry Service are hiring a creative team to bring Adobe MAX 2020 to life. If you join us, you’ll create work that will be showcased all over MAX this year.

And this gig is paid (🤑). You’ll get money because this is not a design competition, it’s a job posting.

Who is Laundry Service?

Laundry Service is a creative agency that’s partnered up with Adobe to hire you. Along with the Adobe team, they’ll be reviewing portfolios, assigning creative roles, and working with you every step of the way to CoCreate Adobe MAX.

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