Spanish artist Vicente García Morillo’s work spans advertising, fashion, editorial and digital design — with a client list including Nike, Urban Outfitters, Condé Nast, and many others. In 2016, along with former Nike art director Eugene Serebrennikov, Morillo co-founded New York–based multidisciplinary design studio Burn & Broad. One year later, in 2017, the pair co-founded the Made By We Are project.


Morillo recently agreed to create a work of art with our new Adobe x Keith Haring digital brush set (now available to all). We spoke to Morillo about Keith Haring, about art in general, and about the new brushes.  

Adobe Create: Your work covers a lot of ground, a lot of disciplines. Is there a medium you feel most at home in? 

Vicente García Morillo:
My career in the world of creativity and arts started quite early in my hometown of Seville’s School of Arts. Knowing that I wanted to pursue the world of creation, I earned a degree in fine arts and had an opportunity to experiment with artistic disciplines such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Instead of defining myself as strictly an illustrator or a graphic designer, I consider myself a creative — where I’m able to work across any and all mediums, fusing together art and design. 

In 2016 I co-founded, with Eugene Serebrennikov, a New York–based design studio called Burn & Broad. In the studio, I play a hybrid role that allows me to balance the roles of creative director and designer. This gives me the flexibility to set the conceptual vision for certain projects and create for others. We created the studio out of our shared passion for creativity, so I wanted to make sure that I always kept a hands-on approach to the work.  

Create with brushes inspired by Keith Haring.

Draw a line for positive change with chalk, markers, spray paint and more.

Create: What’s your relationship to Keith Haring’s work?


Morillo:  I’ve always felt that Keith’s work represented the power of art. While his style appeared as loose artistic doodles, his messaging tackled the most important topics and issues of the time. His style continues to be ubiquitous in the work of today’s artists.


When I was a young artist myself, Haring’s work showed me that the art world was not an exclusive club. If you had a strong vision and the hunger, then the door was open for you as well.


In the ’80s, people who were labeled graffiti artists were considered to be vandals without real artistic talent. Haring helped shift that mindset, and today artists like Haring share the walls of art museums with more-traditional artists.


Create: Beyond those larger ideas, how do you feel that his style affected subsequent generations?


Morillo: Haring had a very interesting way of taking very important and sometimes difficult topics and simplifying them into powerfully iconic illustrations. His work always possesses a strong visual narrative — artistically appealing for your eyes and conceptually meaningful for your mind. The creative world needs to continue Haring’s legacy — using our platform as artists to take a stand and promote positive change.      

Create: On the practical side, what was your experience of using the brushes?


Morillo: I’ve truly enjoyed using these brushes. In fact, they remind me of the oil and acrylic brushes that I used in the past. I feel as though they provide a large variety of styles with a clean finish. They’ve proved to provide a lot of flexibility, and I’ve really enjoyed the process of working with them. 


Create: Tell me a little bit about the piece you made for us.


Morillo: My intention was to find inspiration through Keith Haring’s artistic philosophy versus his personal style. The horse is meant to represent art as a whole. To some, the horse is a symbol of classic, traditional power and beauty, but it was originally born wild by nature and meant to roam free. I believe Keith gave the art world that special gift to inspire us to break traditional paths and pave our own way.

Morillo created this piece, representing Keith Haring’s impact on the art world, using Adobe’s new Keith Haring brushes. 

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