There are millions of ways you can use the millions of assets on Adobe Stock. 


Photos, graphics, videos, 3D objects, templates—they're all available for your next project. With so much to explore, you may not have known that you can download and use a bunch of the templates for free. In the Free & Easy series, we'll share those templates with you, and because they're such a versatile starting point, we’ll also show simple ways to adapt them to other needs.

The flyer template has a strong structure that's easy to build on.

"The template had all the layers organized, which made it easy to create variations."


Adobe art director Sheila Vu was drawn to the Adobe Photoshop flyer template because of its solid information hierarchy. "In marketing of any kind, you're always competing with other messages," Vu explains. "Your layout has to be not just visually attractive, but also easy to follow so you communicate the message quickly and in the right order. A clear hierarchy accomplishes that."


Vu built the original flyer template into a cohesive series of digital marketing assets. "The template had all the layers organized," she notes, "which made it easy to create variations."

After Vu downloaded the template, her process was simple:


  1. Update template border, background colors, and fonts
  2. Replace hero image and text
  3. Change color mode from CMYK to RGB
  4. Duplicate artboard, create new asset size, and rename new artboard
  5. Update new artboard's design elements and adjust layout


What could you create with the flyer template?


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