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Graphic artist Bernardo Henning shares his frame designs that combine bold background colors with multicolored brush strokes.

Headshot of model against a turquoise background with bright patterns and brushstrokes around their face
Photo portrait of Bernardo Henning

Bernardo Henning is a graphic artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His artwork is an eclectic mix of fun and color.

Use Adobe Photoshop to customize Henning’s frame designs with your own portrait, background color, and arrangement of colorful brush strokes.

Need help getting started? Check out these tips on how to add your own stroke of inspiration to Henning’s artwork.

Swap in a Portrait.

Henning’s designs give portraits bold, colorful accents. Use your own photo or practice with one from Adobe Stock.

For best results, use a photo where the subject is centered and the background is a solid color.

Drag a new photo onto the canvas above the Portrait layer, and then hide the original layer. Choose Select > Subject and click the Layer Mask button to hide the portrait background. To fine-tune the selection, click Select And Mask and use the Refine Edge brush. 

To learn more about masking an image background, check out “How to make a cutout collage.”

Headshot of a model on turquoise background with brightly colored brushstrokes, Layers panel shows portrait of woman is hidden

Get bold with color.

Background colors can make a dramatic impact on different portraits. Experiment with the color palette to find a look you like for each of your images.

Double-click the swatch on the Background color layer and choose a new color — or get creative by adding a Gradient Fill layer.

Portrait of model against yellow background and the same brushstroke pattern; Background color layer has yellow color swatch

Play hide and seek.

Notice the layer groups. Click the arrow next to a folder icon to expand the layers in that group. Brush strokes in the Foreground group, above the Portrait layer, appear in front of the image, while those in the Background group appear behind it. 

Hide and show brush stroke layers to see how they affect your portrait. After selecting a layer and pressing command-T (macOS) or ctrl-T (Windows), you can rotate, scale, or reposition it to create a new composition.

Portrait of model with multi-colored sweater on turquoise background and different brushstroke layers turned on and off

Pay the inspiration forward. Share your creations using #adobecreate.

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