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Nature photography tutorials


See nature in a new light.

London-based photographer Luke Stackpoole brings a new angle to nature photography with Lightroom. Follow his step-by-step tutorials to see how he brings out the best of the natural world — and then try his techniques yourself.



Create drama with color.

Learn how to boost color with the Color Mixer tool, bring out details with the Effects and Detail panels, sharpen focus with the Gradient tool — and make something tiny appear larger than life.

Get the balance right.

Soften overly bright colors with the Color Mixer tool, bring out the whites with the Luminance tool, add effects with the Split Toning and Vignette panels, and use Gradient Filters to adjust exposure.

Add light where you want it.

Create dynamic lighting with Radial Filters, add sharpness with the Detail panel, and remove unwanted noise with the Masking tool — all for a more balanced image.


Add interest with dynamic light.

Add contrast and a Tone Curve for dramatic colors, use Graduated Filters to adjust exposure, and create a more dynamic image with the Selective Brush and Color Mix tool.

Enhance colors and tones.

Create a cinematic atmosphere using the Curve Tool, apply a retro-film quality with the Grain tool, and add depth and contrast with Selective Edits to give your photo a warm, glowing look. 

Make it more eye-catching.

Bring out the whites and darks using custom presets in Lightroom for mobile and remove distracting elements with the Healing Brush — and create images with a more distinctive look. 

Luke Stackpoole

London-based photographer Luke Stackpoole doesn’t shy away from getting close to stunning landscapes and wildlife, and his beyond breathtaking images of the Nordic regions are loaded with atmosphere. Stackpoole shares his tips for capturing nature in all of its glorious beauty. Learn more

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