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Monique Aimee
Illustrator & Lettering Artist
September 2019

Self-proclaimed “traveling illustrator” and lettering artist Monique Aimee uses bold colors, whimsical motion, and relatable subjects in her graphic illustrations. Her creative courage is reflected in her work, which often features themes of feminism, travel, and everyday joy.


Mona Chalabi
Data Journalist & Illustrator

October 2019

Journalist and illustrator Mona Chalabi found herself — and her voice — in a new country when she moved to New York City. At first, she felt trapped on a team that wasn't right for her. Then she followed her passion and creative instincts to a new career as an artist and journalist known for creative data visualizations.


Octavia Bromell
Artist & Illustrator

November 2019

Designer Octavia Bromell turned to illustration during a dark period of her life, and has brought joy to others through her art ever since. A former Adobe Creative Resident, Octavia devoted herself to creating a happier world for herself and those around her.


Elise Swopes
Visual Artist
December 2019


Chicago-based visual storyteller Elise Swopes is a creative on the move. She has led the way in creating beautiful images from mobile devices, bringing her surroundings and travels into her work.


Mahisha Dellinger
Author & Entrepreneur
January 2020

CEO and Founder of CURLS, Mahisha Dellinger turned her passion for natural hair care into a groundbreaking business and media sensation — from her show on OWN TV to an autobiography. With her natural hair care products, Mahisha created a brand for “every curl, everywhere,” catching the attention of women and celebrities with waves.


Sophie Butler
Fitness Coach & Advocate

February 2020


When a weightlifting accident left the self-proclaimed “gym addict” paralyzed, fitness coach and disability advocate Sophie Butler discovered her inner strength. Now she's showing up, representing, and breaking boundaries. From workout tips to vegan recipes to her personal story of perseverance, Sophie uses social media to inspire others. She's also an outspoken advocate for accessibility, especially in gyms which typically cater to non-disabled guests. 


Claire Wasserman
Career Coach & Founder

March 2020


Career coach, mother, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire Wasserman empowers women to thrive in the workplace and beyond. Her work empowers women, but Claire didn't self-identify as a feminist until recently, after getting a deeper understanding of what that means.


Jasmine Star
Business Strategist & Photographer
April 2020


Jasmine Star is a business strategist and photographer with an inspiring story and a passion for helping entrepreneurs. As a first-generation Latina, a first-generation college student, and first-generation post-grad student, Jasmine made her own path — all the way to law school. After the difficult decision to pursue a creative career, she's now passionate about helping others grow their creative brands and businesses. 


Maddi Winter
Content Creator & Animator
May 2020


With unique animations and original choreography, Maddi Winter is a young creator and rising star of TikTok. Often incorporating her siblings into her videos, Maddi uses Adobe After Effects to add unique and playful illustrations to her videos — with showstopping interactions between her on-screen moves and the animations.


Chani Nicholas
Astrologer & Illustrator

June 2020


With insights from the stars, Chani Nicholas is an astrologer and illustrator whose graphics are both bold and reassuring. At one point an aspiring actress, Chani has now been an astrological counselor for more than 20 years. Constantly changing and ever evolving, Chani says astrology is a model for being adaptable in life, creativity, and in the fight for equality. 


Aurélia Durand
Graphic Artist

July 2020


Graphic artist Aurélia Durand celebrates the joy and power of her identity in her bold, vibrant work. Living in different places throughout her life, such as the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and Denmark, has given Aurélia a unique perspective and informed her work, including her book, This Book is Anti-Racist.


Stephanie Chinn
Artist & Advocate
August 2020


Stephanie Chinn is an artist, illustrator, and outspoken advocate for female voices. Her work is powerful and features empowering female subjects; she joined Women Create Wednesday to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment in the United States, which gave some women the right to vote.


Alexis Franklin
Digital Artist
September 2020


Alexis Franklin is a digital artist whose work made history when she memorialized Breonna Taylor in a groundbreaking portrait on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine. She also reveals how her art unfolds on her YouTube channel, where she shares mesmerizing videos of digital painting.


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