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With Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia

San Francisco–based graphic designer Javier Garcia grew up in Mexico, where his early influences included skateboarding culture and punk and electronic music. In his work, he strives to always simplify. His process starts with taking things apart and flipping things around.

“What attracts me about branding is the ability to create an identity which becomes the face of the brand, and the personality — because the brand is not just the logo. It’s everything surrounding it.”


Try some of Javier Garcia’s techniques. You can download Javier’s sample assets, along with free trials of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps he uses. Then pick a tutorial video below and follow the steps.



Get Javier’s sample assets. He’s put them in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library for you.


Javier likes to give his clients lots of elements to play with. Like this branded graphic.


Tips to get you going.

Start on paper.

Javier starts with a pencil sketch to get the initial idea down, and then goes to the computer when he’s ready to create more precise iterations.

Shoot it yourself.

Javier says, “If I can’t find the right mock-up or product photography, I’ll just quickly grab a camera, set up a couple lights, and try to shoot it. Sometimes it’s much faster than searching for a specific image for hours.”

Keep going.

Once Javier has an idea, he not only does iterations of the idea, but he also iterates on some of his initial iterations. He says this process leads him to discover unexpected new solutions.

Take a break.

When Javier is feeling stuck on a design problem, he clears his mind by turning to his hobby — playing around with his collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.

Adobe Live

Javier hangs out with Victoria Siemer and talks design while doing design.

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