Make a branded graphic.

Watch the short tutorial video above to see all the steps. Then download the free trial of Adobe Photoshop, along with sample assets to practice with.



Get the sample assets. We’ve put them in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library for you.

Mask the subject of the image.

With the Object Selection tool Options bar, click Select Subject to quickly select the hands and honey. Then click Select and Mask to refine the selection.

Isolate the foreground.

In the Properties dialog, make the background 100% transparent so you can better see your selection. Then select the Quick Selection tool and click the Minus sign. Brush over the yellow background between the fingers to remove it.

Add a color background.

Create a new layer behind the masked image. Use the Bucket tool to fill the canvas with a background color. You’ll find the BeeBly brand yellow in the Libraries panel.

Add type and the logo.

Use the Type tool to type the brand name in the Sofia Pro typeface. Color it Beebly blue by clicking the light blue in the Libraries panel. Drag the blue logo from the Libraries panel and use Transform to make it bigger.

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Javier Garcia

San Francisco–based graphic designer Javier Garcia grew up in Mexico, where his early influences included skateboarding culture and punk and electronic music. In his work, he strives to always simplify. His process starts with taking things apart and flipping things around.

“For a packaging project, using mock-ups as I’m creating the labels helps make the labels feel real. I can see how they’re behaving in the actual space they are going to live in.”

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