Make a flyer.

Watch the short tutorial video above to see all the steps. Then download the free trial of Adobe InDesign, along with sample assets to practice with.



Get the sample assets. We’ve put them in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library for you.

Start by choosing a background color.

Set your background color to 65% Cyan, 3% Magenta, 67% Yellow, and 0% Black. Click OK.

Create a background and get ready to add an image.

Draw a rectangle filled with your new green color. Next, use the Rectangle tool to draw an image frame that spans two columns. Then click Import File.

Add an image.

In the Place dialog, choose the file called beekeeper.psd and click Open.

Fit image to frame.

In the Properties panel, under Frame Fitting options, choose “Fill frame proportionally.

Add text.

Select the Type tool and draw a text box the same width as the column. Type the brand name in the Sofia Pro typeface.

Finish your design.

Color the text and add a few more graphic elements to give your flyer some personality.

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Javier Garcia

San Francisco–based graphic designer Javier Garcia grew up in Mexico, where his early influences included skateboarding culture and punk and electronic music. In his work, he strives to always simplify. His process starts with taking things apart and flipping things around.

“A key to designing a compelling flyer is having the right hierarchy — having the elements you want to talk about first be bigger and then the rest can be smaller.”

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