Make a product label.

Watch the short tutorial video above to see all the steps. Then download the free trial of Adobe Illustrator, along with sample assets to practice with.



Get the sample assets. We’ve put them in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library for you.

Create a shape.

Create a square and then create a global swatch for the blue color. In the Swatches panel, click the Plus sign, then check the Global check box.

Draw a few more shapes.

Draw a yellow shape and a pink shape on top of the blue shape to complete the background. Make sure to create global swatches for the yellow and pink colors.

Add type.

Using the Type tool and the typeface Sofia Pro, type in the brand name.

Add the other elements.

Add a logo, product description, and other graphics.

Adjust colors.

Use the Swatch options to make global color changes with a click. Change all the elements colored with the pink swatch to blue.

Display it in a mock-up.

Wrap the label onto a product shot to show it in context. See “Make a product mock-up” below for more details.

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Javier Garcia

San Francisco–based graphic designer Javier Garcia grew up in Mexico, where his early influences included skateboarding culture and punk and electronic music. In his work, he strives to always simplify. His process starts with taking things apart and flipping things around.

“I select colors by looking at the mood boards I created initially. I create global swatches. Once I’m close to figuring out how the elements are going to interact, I’ll just tweak those global colors and it’s really easy to apply to everything.”

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