Make an icon.

Watch the short tutorial video above to see all the steps. Then download the free trial of Adobe Illustrator, along with sample assets to practice with.



Get the sample assets. We’ve put them in an Adobe Creative Cloud Library for you.

Start with simple elements.

Create a line with a black stroke and a circle with a white fill.

Create a burst of lines.

Go to Effect>Distort & Transform>Transform. Set Angle to 30 degrees. Get various effects by clicking different squares in the reference point locator (the grid icon in lower left of dialog). Set the number of copies for the number of flower petals you want.

Make adjustments.

Select the line and rotate it to change the shape of the icon.

Refine the flower shape.

Add a white circle shape on top, in the center of the flower. 

Add your flower icon to a larger design.

Use the icon in a larger illustration. Add a background color and type.

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Javier Garcia

San Francisco–based graphic designer Javier Garcia grew up in Mexico, where his early influences included skateboarding culture and punk and electronic music. In his work, he strives to always simplify. His process starts with taking things apart and flipping things around.

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