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This image shows the eight Creative Types.
Nadine Kolodziey shows a visitor how her augmented reality illustrations work.
Illustrator and designer Joshua Smith, also known as Hydro74, created this image of a snarling tiger in a glitch style.
Julieanne Kost shot a set of photos in one place on the same day and used Photoshop to transform the individual images into this single gorgeous abstract.
A self-portrait by photographer Laura Zalenga.
Three examples of the ways a person's unique creativity can express itself, even when all three people start with the same asset.
The watercolor painting of the cat on the left started life as the digital photo on the right. The transformation was done by the free Watercolor Artist Action.
This dramatic black and white image began as a color image and was converted and customized in Adobe Lightroom CC.
Isabel Lea used variable fonts to power this interactive onscreen experiment.
Samples of packages created by Whiskey Design for the food brand Papadums.
Fundamental advice for designers working on packaging.
Nicolas Bruno created this eerie dreamscape as a response to his sleep paralysis experiences.
Jenny Yu drew this joyful image of a young girl using Adobe Photoshop CC.
Jan Erik Waider captured this chilly scene.
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