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Keith Haring brushes

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Pick up a brush and draw for good.

Keith Haring took art beyond museum walls and into the streets, underground railway stations and other public spaces. We’re celebrating his legacy with a collection of digital brushes inspired by his original tools — chalk, markers, spray paint and more. they’re free to everyone in Adobe Fresco and available in Photoshop. Download the brushes and spread Haring’s message of love, hope and equality. 


Keith drew his famous New York City subway art with chalk on black wall panels. This set includes round and square chalk, as well as a brush that emulates the look of chalk on cardboard.


Keith used permanent markers for some of his pieces because they could draw on practically any surface, including metal. Our set includes chisel, square, and brush markers that you can adjust for a full ink or dried-out effect.

Sumi Ink

He cut the bristles of Sumi brushes to make his own flat-tipped tools. Our brushes let you control the tilt and pressure to get different textural effects such as lines that gap and skip.

Felt Tip

Great for detail work, the felt tip pens have a mostly fixed width with greater control for finer line work. Just like real felt tips, these break in and spread on porous surfaces.


Keith worked with acrylics, spray paint, house paint, and other fast-drying mediums. The vinyl, round, and flat brushes in this set are big and full of texture, with a variety of brushstrokes for more bold, painterly work.

Dripping Paint

Some of Keith’s works included controlled and random dripping paint. Combine these with paint brushes to get the effect of paint running vertically down your surface. You can adjust spacing between drips and apply pressure to change the length of the drip.


See the brushes in action.

Kyle T. Webster is an award-winning illustrator and designer of more than a thousand custom Photoshop brushes. For the Keith Haring project, he cra„ed 28 brushes that naturally mimic the behaviour of tools that Haring used — from pens that run out of ink to paint that drips. “Keith used ordinary everyday tools,” he says. “But the way he used them made his style unique.”



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How-to video

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 See how a new generation of artists is picking up Keith’s brushes and bringing their own style to his bold lines.

Enter our contest and draw for change.

Draw attention to an issue that’s close to your heart and your art could be showcased in front of a worldwide audience at Adobe MAX. Grand Prize winners will also receive $5,000 and a one-year Creative Cloud membership.

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About Keith Haring.

Taking inspiration from the bold public statements of artists like Christo and Andy Warhol, as well as graffiti art, Haring created his drawings on streets and in subway stations, in playgrounds and dance clubs, around hospitals, handball courts, and even on the Berlin Wall. His Pop Shop in New York’s Soho put his imagery on t-shirts, buttons, and novelty items, making it accessible to millions more.

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further.”

After he was diagnosed with AIDS, he established the Keith Haring Foundation, to maintain and enhance his legacy of giving to children’s and AIDS organisations.  e Foundation is dedicated to preserving his legacy and continuing his mission.

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