Graphic Design

If you're looking for innovative artists and agencies practicing graphic design and communication design, you're in the right place.

A flower pattern created by Bailey Sullivan
Pictures of Stefan Sagmeister, the Visionary Creative Type, the Dreamer Creative Type, and Jessica Walsh
Slices from the posters for the films posters for Us, Greta, The Hole in the Ground, I’m Not Here, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Black Mother, Knife + Heart, and An Elephant Sitting Still
Temi Coker at work on the cheer card for the Golden State Warrriors' Fan Night 2019
Photo of bike helmet designed by Nutcase
This image shows the eight Creative Types.
Illustrator and designer Joshua Smith, also known as Hydro74, created this image of a snarling tiger in a glitch style.
Samples of packages created by Whiskey Design for the food brand Papadums.
Fundamental advice for designers working on packaging.
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