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If you're looking for innovative artists and agencies practicing graphic design and communication design, you're in the right place.

A sampling of emojis designed by Aphee Messer of the Emojination organization.
To commemorate a performance by Beck at the 2018 Adobe MAX conference, Brian Yap and Lidia Lukianova built a sculpture out of wood, photographed, and turned that into a printed poster enhanced with augmented reality.
Vasjen Katro created this stunning reincarnation of the Adobe "A" logo.
Jessica Hische shares her journey from work-as-life to work-and-life. Hische delivered this talk at the Adobe MAX 2018 conference.
These florid catchwords are from the typeface HWT Catchwords
This image shows early vector drawings by Jasmin Rubero as she designed the logo for Kokila, a new imprint from Penguin Books.
This screenshot is from a video that composites vector art from Yo Az onto iconic street scenes of Los Angeles to form the Adobe MAX identity.
Ballboy at US Open holds tennis balls with logo by Sagi Haviv.
Natasha Jen and her Pentagram team designed the brand identity system for Venn.
Dan Rhatigan and his typographic tattoos
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