Graphic Design

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The letters ‘ABC’, each filled with a unique colorful design, made to look 3D with shadows
Designer Luke Choice begins with a bright image to create his colorful Smudge Script lettering in Adobe Photoshop CC.
Martina Flor created this lettering art in three days. Watch the video and learn how she did it using Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.
This is a slice of the final data visualization, or infographic, that communicates clearly and elegantly.
Want to design an ad that will convince viewers to buy? Learn how in this two-part Photoshop how-to that applies to both digital and print ads.
Christine Herrin is sharing her hard-won tips for preparing for a craft fair and using it as a way to learn more about your products and who they appeal to.
Laurent Bompard drew this geometric image in Adobe Illustrator
If you want to sell your work in your own online store, these tips will make the process less painful. This artwork will be sold on Becky Simpson's new Chipper Things online store.
In-progress movie poster design for the movie "Oblivion," by Tomasz Opasinski
Thanks to the Touch Workspace in Adobe Illustrator CC, Brian Yap began this tree illustration in the Japanese Tea Garden, then finished it in his office.
Brian Yap captured an image of his eye using Adobe Shape CC on his phone, then transformed it using mobile and desktop apps into a stunning illustration.
Ink & Slide - by Joe Shepter
The Perspective Warp tool in Adobe Photoshop CC is being used to adjust a photograph of a building.
Learn how multiple typefaces (also called fonts) can work well together in one project.