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This seemingly impossible photo of a man diving outside the window of a high-rise building is made by Juan Jose Egusquiza
Man with red jacket jumps in air, multi-colored circle extends from his left hand to right foot
Photo of Florence + the Machine by Dana Pacifico
Surreal photo composite of woman model and fish by artist Temi Coker
Pascal Campion drew this sketch of hikers on a rock greeting  sunrise or sunset as part of his daily creative practice
Photo of man pouring baby powder on his head and face.
Image of man in 19th century costume waving a flag with two dogs in front of him
Julieanne Kost shot a set of photos in one place on the same day and used Photoshop to transform the individual images into this single gorgeous abstract.
A self-portrait by photographer Laura Zalenga.
The watercolor painting of the cat on the left started life as the digital photo on the right. The transformation was done by the free Watercolor Artist Action.
This dramatic black and white image began as a color image and was converted and customized in Adobe Lightroom CC.
Nicolas Bruno created this eerie dreamscape as a response to his sleep paralysis experiences.
Jan Erik Waider captured this chilly scene.
To get both the foreground and background of this winter landscape in focus, Nick Page shot the scene using the focus stacking technique.
Jason DeMarte photographed the elements in "Unseasonal Icing" and composited them in Adobe Photoshop CC.
Chad Wadsworth photographs some of the biggest names in music.