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Julieanne Kost knows Adobe Photoshop CC better than almost anyone
Nuwan Panditha (aka BlackNull) built a fPhotoshop action that turns photos, like this one of a violin, into illustrations.
German photographer Laura Zalenga shot this photo of Elisabeth, a 93-year-old woman who is blind and, despite a hard life, She had a hard life, horrible, difficult things in her life, is grateful and positive.
Pei Ketron shot this photo while traveling, then removed distractions in Adobe Photoshop CC.
Nick Brandt created this image, entitled "Wasteland with Elephant, 2015."
Steve Simon shot this photo of people waiting for a bus in Lisbon, Portugal.
Fran Mart can convey a mood in a single image. See how he does it.
To take good photos at night, like this cityscape, follow tips from Alan Hess.