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Nick Brandt created this image, entitled "Wasteland with Elephant, 2015."
Steve Simon shot this photo of people waiting for a bus in Lisbon, Portugal.
Submission to #Girlgaze from Sophie Green; Bangers and Smash
George Digalakis creates minimalist, melancholic, black-and-white imagery, sometimes compositing them in Adobe Photoshop.
Whether you want to be a better photographer or just like beautiful black and white images, follow these 13 Instagram accounts.
Brian Day shot this photo with an aerial drone and a slow shutter speed, resulting in a striking long-exposure image of a Detroit freeway.
Kendall Plant shot this photo from her tent while thru-hiking the John Muir Trail.
Annie Griffiths and her camera on location, in the back of an open car.
Photo of a green valley by Pei Ketron
A photography of mussels by Joanne Pai.
This image of a naked male body was created by photographic artist Andy Lo Pò
"Keep It Real" 3d type model by Jethro Haynes
photograph by Julie Blackmon, of children around a campfire.
A picture of Geordi La Corgi on a bicycle.
A photo-composite image of a woman holding a fox, by Martin Stranka.
A photo of a street in Peru, edited by Jacqui Kenny