UX/UI design is a discipline unto itself. Get to know some of the practitioners and practices here.

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Image of the interface for an app Patricia Reiners is creating for the Alexa assistant
Photo of Adobe XD layout with a pop-up overlay.
photo of a hand holding a smartphone with an ice-cream app on the screen
This image shows the eight Creative Types.
Isabel Lea used variable fonts to power this interactive onscreen experiment.
She is intrigued by automation.
Photo of John Maeda
Dozens of Anton Repponens and Irene Pereyras populate the steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The designer duo shaped the UX and design of TheMet website.
Discover how videographer Sara Dietschy makes Creative Spaces TV with just herself and minimal gear.
This screen from Typekit Marketplace is just the type of the font iceberg.
This image depicts a fictitious multi-screen experience. It does not show actual design by INDG, Big Spaceship, or Digital Kitchen.
This image depicts a fictitious screenless experience.
An image from "12 Kinds of Kindness" by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman
This image was created in Adobe Photoshop CC by Tom Anders Watkins
Nadine Chahine designed the Arabic typeface used in this newspaper.
A photograph of type designer Mark Simonson
This website design by Michal Galubinski never reached the clients.