Video can include everything from a graphic in motion for a few seconds to a feature-length film. Explore the field here.

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Tobi “Tobishinobi” Shonibare created this combo of still photo and bvideo clip to create an Instagram loop.
A still from motion graphics artist Joash Berkeley’s TED-Ed video, How Do Brain Scans Work?
Design Army shares their animation technique in this tutorial.
Motion graphics designer Karin Fong uses type in her iconic title sequences, including Black Sails, Boardwalk Empire, and more, slices of which appear in this image.
Maurizio Sergiusti created this animated saying in Adobe Photoshop CC.
See a unique interactive facial projection-mapping experience.
This photo of Michael Shainblum was shot in the Dolomites Mountains in northern Italy.
This photo shows Michael Shainblum, Andrew Studer, and Serena Ho capturing images in in northern Italy’s Dolomites Mountains.
Image from the film "Only the Brave," which was edited by Billy Fox.
It’s the Exquisite Corpse game, hip-hop style.
This screenshot is from Josh Penn's animation, “What Is It Like To Be Dyslexic?”
Russell Brown removed a seagull from a Golden Gate Bridge time-lapse by cloning from a good frame and painting over the bird.
Valentina Vee shot this footage for Michelle Phan's YouTube channel