Video can include everything from a graphic in motion for a few seconds to a feature-length film. Explore the field here.

Image from the film "Only the Brave," which was edited by Billy Fox.
It’s the Exquisite Corpse game, hip-hop style.
This screenshot is from Josh Penn's animation, “What Is It Like To Be Dyslexic?”
Valentina Vee shot this footage for Michelle Phan's YouTube channel
An image from "Pear Cider and Cigarettes," an animated film by Robert Valley
Kristen Stewart painted a picture. Adobe research engineer Bhautik Joshi made it move using Neural Style Transfer.
This still from the video shows a student at Exceptional Minds, an animation studio and digital arts school for young adults who fall on the autism spectrum.
This image is part of the cover for the re-issued science fiction classic "Horror Stories." The cover was designed by La Boca for Penguin Books.
Discover how videographer Sara Dietschy makes Creative Spaces TV with just herself and minimal gear.
Image of a man's back, from a shaving commercial
Illustration of a scene from the movie "Pollock" by Sandra Blikås
Yen Tan on filmmaking, graphic design, and the power of the independent film community in Austin, Texas.
image of a filmmaker's slate
A photo of "The San Antonio Four"
Joshua Davis created this image using 10 Adobe Stock photos and vector images.
One drawing that went into the Color Eater animation
The Simpsons used Adobe Character Animator for a special event. You can use it for your own animations, too. These tutorials will help.