Video can include everything from a graphic in motion for a few seconds to a feature-length film. Explore the field here.

Still from video footage Tasha Van Zandt shot in San Francisco, California.
Two images that show the sky in a video before and after Mike Gray replaces it with a sky from an Adobe Stock video clip.
Tobi “Tobishinobi” Shonibare created this combo of still photo and bvideo clip to create an Instagram loop.
Design Army shares their animation technique in this tutorial.
Maurizio Sergiusti created this animated saying in Adobe Photoshop CC.
This photo of Michael Shainblum was shot in the Dolomites Mountains in northern Italy.
This photo shows Michael Shainblum, Andrew Studer, and Serena Ho capturing images in in northern Italy’s Dolomites Mountains.
A still from the tutorial by Russell Preston Brown
Russell Brown removed a seagull from a Golden Gate Bridge time-lapse by cloning from a good frame and painting over the bird.
image of a man shooting video with his iPhone
Photograph of an HD video camera